Who is BAMEDU?

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Our Purpose

The purpose of www.bamedu.com is to empower and equip the next generation of Christian entrepreneurs to make a positive spiritual and economic impact in areas lacking a Christian witness.It is our goal to provide relevant, high-quality resources in the areas of Business as Missions, BAM training, BAM internships and more!

The Founder

about BAMEDU

Toby Miles

BAM Practitioner

Toby currently lives with his family in a closed country and has been involved in launching a number of successful businesses. Although it was not always easy, Toby has learned many valuable lessons about doing business cross-culturally which he is looking forward to sharing with you. With over 13 years of business experience in the Arab world, Toby’s passion is to help create access for other Christians looking to be salt and light for Jesus through legitimate businesses.

A little about ourExperience

You may be wondering whether we are theorists or if we have real world experience in BAM? We are on-the-ground practitioners. Over the past 12 years of doing business in the Arab world, we have been involved in:

  • Starting 5 BAM companies
  • Learning from our business failures and successes
  • Generating Kingdom profits that have been re-invested into new startups
  • Proclaiming the name of Jesus through our very lives.
  • Creating residency visas for more than 30 people
  • Coaching 8 new Kingdom entrepreneurs during their first year

We have not arrived! We continue to learn and grow, but the grace of God. Our goal is to share with you, what the Lord has allowed us to learn and experience.

Each of the other members of bamedu.com bring a different set of gifts, experience, and knowledge in business and ministry to this project. We are not alone! We hope to reach out into the Christian business community to glean from years of experience and know-how to create a powerful resource for others looking to become established in a cross-cultural life for the Lord.